Nursery and Reception

Thank you for the blog that you’ve sent to us, we enjoy reading about what you do in your school. We would like to tell you about what we do at our school.

First thing in the morning we go to the assembly every day and pray for the Lord to start the day with us, then we go to our classes and our teacher Mrs Lukhanda friendly welcome us.

Yes we do have book backs which is the sponsor from the government, every learner at our school has got her/his book back from the government and we carry them to school and back every day. No we don’t have drawers but we collect cardboard boxes from the stores and shoe boxes, we pack them and write each learners names, we store our counters like bottle tops which helps us to count and other learning ads during numeracy or maths lesson, each child brings his/her box.

We are also having a big box, learners collect magazines from home and put these  magazine in that box. Those magazines help us during cutting and pasting. We enjoy mathematics especially when we are using numicons.

Our favourite food is pap, chicken and vegetables, we eat this meal on Monday, we also like African salad we eat it on Wednesday. It is made of up of mealie-meal and then you mix milk with sour milk. We eat fresh vegetable from our garden. We are so grateful for our garden, we usually thank you U.K for helping us.

Thank you

Jorja’s Blog

Hello my name is Jorja Entwistle and I am gioing to tell you adout me.

I am in class 6 or grade 6. My perants split up when i was younger. My mum (not Miss Entwistle) is called Kay my dad is called Gavin and then it is me then it is my annoying
brother Jethro. I am 11 years old.

I LOVE doing judo. I do it twice a week at my school and at Ingleton Primary school. My judo coach is Danny.
These are my friends, 1st is Lucy, 2nd Leah, 3rd Maisie, 4TH Bethany, 5th Sofia, 6th Isabell and last is Georgia

I am born on the 18 of March i was 9 weeks and 2 days early, I was meant to be born on the 14th of May

Are any of you born early please tell me thank you?????

Bethany’s Blog

Hello my name is Bethany, I am going to tell you about me.

I am in year 6 and i am 10 years old, I live with my mum, dad and my brother.
My favourite sport is gymnastics and I also like running, my favorite colour is purple.
I have a dog called Jagger and he is two years old and he is a boy.
When we have a netball competition it is never on the day that it is meant to be on because it always rains here.
It always says that is ment to snow and it never does,we haven’t had any thick snow for ages.
It is meant to be spring now but actually it just feels like winter STILL!
In P.E my group normally does badminton and rugby.
My favorite animal is a giraffe.
I hope you have enjoied reading this.

My friends are Maisie, Sofia and lots more (like Leah).


Maisie’s Blog

Hello my name is Maisie I am going to tell you about me.
I am in class 6 and I am 10 years old. I live with my mum and my step dad, I am an only child. My mum is called Sharon and my step dad is called Mark.
My favorite sport is gymnastics but I do like running to I have been 3rd in a race before. I have a puppy called Archie he’s a boy. I have a lot of friends so
it would’nt be far to pick a favourite.

It always rains here and once or twice a netball and rugby tournement was cancelled and it was annoying. So i cant wait for that
to be on or probally cancelled again. It is Spring here so for us its March nearly April, that means its nearly SUMMER! That means the weather will be
better.Right now its raining.

I hope to visit your school one day. I can’t wait to talk to you soon. BYE BYE.

Ruby’s Blog

Molo school my name is Ruby,
I am going to tell you a bit about myself, first isn’t really about me but Miss Entwistle just did a
presentation about Kwezana it was really good and your garden looked

Ok so I am 10 years old but I am 11 in April and it is funny I am 11 in 11 days.
I am in class 6 (grade 6 to you)My best friend is called Skye, she is also writing to you and I live with my brother,
mum and sometimes my dad, sometimes because they have split up, they are really nice. My mum works at this school in the school office,
my dad is an actioneer (a man who sells farm animals to farmers), my brother is
13, 14 in December. He used to go to this school but know he goes to High School.
I am the youngest in not just the family I live in but my whole family
I have no pets but used to have two guinea pigs but they sadly passed away one for old age and one got a bad illness.
I love doing P.E and any sports one of my favourite sports is rugby and there is a torniment coming up that i am going to,
do you have a favourite sport? If you do what is it?
I would love to meet you guys, maybe one day.

It has been lovely speaking to you, speak again soon.

Thank you 🙂 -Ruby

Skye’s blog for Kwezana school children to read.

Molo Kwezana school.. (sorry if thats wrong :))
My name is Skye and i am going to tell you a bit about me.
First, i am 10 years old and in year 6 (grade 6) so that means
soon i have SATs and im not excited! do you have SATs?
If you dont know, SATs are tests that you have when you leave primary school to see what
work you have to do in high school, it goes easy to hard.

Anyway… i have a family of 4, me, my mum my dad and my brother. not including my pets, a pug (dog) called Edna, a chuihua (dog)
called Neo and a cat (i dont know what breed it is) called Sunny, who is the brother of Beth’s cat, she is writing to you also. I used to have a pet turantula
but sadly he passed away last year.

My favourite sports consist of gymnastics, running, netball and athletics. what are your favourite sports?

I am half German and half English and suprisingly, when i was a baby, my name
changed 3 times! What are your names?

Also, soon its my bestfiend Ruby’s birthday, she is also writing to you to! Mine is in a few months.
I don’t have much family that live in England, most of it lives in Germany and i aslo have an uncle who travels the world!
At my school I am a sports leader. Sports leaders are a group of people who help with sports things like helping in PE, and with onther things.
Do you have sports leaders? One day i would love to visit your school (maybe the next time Miss Entwistle goes to your school i will sneak in her bag!)

I would love to chat more, but i have to go.

Thank you for reading! -Skye

From James

Hi Kwezana,

I’m James from class/grade 6 and I am very happy and privilaged to write to you.
I saw in our school assembly that some of your boys play one of my favourites sports, football.
I play for my local football team Settle Utd and I am a defender.
Tomorrow I’m going to fly out to Australia and I am very excited to go but my mum and dad spit up so I am only
flying with my dad and my younger sister.

My question to you is what do you do in PE, besides football and netball?

from James J.

Beth’s Blog

Hi, or Molo, guys its Beth here.

I was realy interested when I saw the powerpoint about Kwezana that Miss E showed us in assembly and we also saw some photos. Your garden is nice, we don’t have one
but we have a massive playground instead, and when Miss E told us we could write a I blog to you I didn’t hesitate, so hears some things about me.
1 The football team I like is Burnley Football club. Do you have a favourite football team?
2 I’m 11 and in Class ( or Grade to you) 6.
3 I’m am in the girls football team. Do you have a football team?
4 I am the head of the school council and I am digital leader.
5 I am the oldest child of a family of 4, Me, my brother, James who’s in class 4. Don’t get him confused with the one that’s also writing to you today, my Mum and my Dad.
6 I have 2 pet cats Max and Jay bee and 2 at my Grandmas house called Peter, but he eats all the Peter rabbits (Peter Rabbit is a story) that he can get his paws on, and Poppie is sisters with my friend Skye’s Sunny, who is also writing to you.
What animals do you keep as pets?
7 My Grandma is the 12th child of 13 but unfortunately the 13th died at birth. My grandma is the youngest.
8 My Great Grandma was born in World War 1 and survived World War 2 Unfortunatly she never got to see her dad because he fought in World War 1.  Unfortunately she died before my brother was born.

That’s all hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me.